Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Video: Tyler Bradt's record 186-foot Kayak Drop

Check-out the insane video footage of kayaker Tyler Bradt paddling over the 186-foot Palouse Falls in Washington State.

The April 21st, 2009 run over Palouse Falls smashes the previous world record of 127 feet, set this past March by Brazilian Pedro Oliveira. Oliveira broke Bradt’s former record of 107-feet set at Alexandra Falls in Canada.

Afterwards, Bradt said he was a little sore, and suffered a sprained wrist. Notice the broken paddle after he resurfaces at the bottom - I imagine that wrist injury occurred about the same time that paddle broke.

In an interview with, Bradt discussed some of safety precautions his team set-up prior to the run: "There was cell service at the waterfall in case of an emergency and Spokane is 60 air miles from the waterfall. We had medical equipment and ways to stabilize me in case of a back injury. We had two boats at the bottom and a person ready to repel behind the falls with a throw bag. We thought through the different scenarios and prepared for them all."

Here's the video:

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