Sunday, November 27, 2011

Backcountry Odyssey: Goat Haunt to Bowman Lake

Back in early 2010 our good friend Steven over at My Life Outdoors won an all expense paid trip to Glacier National Park. His prize, which he won through a contest hosted by Agion Active, provided him with a five-day guided backpacking trip with Glacier Guides this past August. His Glacier backcountry odyssey took him from Goat Haunt at the head of Waterton Lake, over Brown Pass, and down to the foot of Bowman Lake. In all, he and his wife hiked 26 miles.

Between late August and early September, Steven provided details of his adventures in a series of blogs, which include many great photos.

Blog 1 is about their trip down Waterton Lake, their short hike from Goat Haunt to the Waterton River Campsite, and a side hike to Rainbow Falls.

Blog 2 takes Steven and his wife past Lake Janet and onto the incredibly beautiful Lake Francis.

Blog 3 takes them up 6255-foot Brown Pass, as well as a side trip on the Boulder Pass Trail to see Hole in the Wall. Steven includes some very beautiful panoramic photos in this posting.

Blog 4 discusses Steven's kayaking excursion on Bowman Lake, and then their hike back out to civilization along the Bowman Lake Trail.

All in all, this is a great trip report, especially if you're considering a similar trip.

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