Friday, April 6, 2012

Flathead River User Survey

The recently published Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex 2012 Newsletter is reporting that the Flathead National Forest will be conducting a River User Survey on all three forks of the Flathead River this summer.

The survey is designed to gather information from all river users, including rafting, stock, hiking, and fishing parties – essentially anyone who is recreating in the river corridor may be asked to take the survey. The survey will ask a series of questions about what the river user experienced on the trip that they are currently on, or just finished. Forest Service employees will staff key locations to intercept river users and will ask people to participate. Survey participants can choose to complete the survey on location, or take a copy and complete it at the end of their trip, and mail in afterwards.

The Forest Service hopes to reach all types of river recreationists including outfitted and guided clients. Data gathered from the survey will be compiled and used to help river managers better understand the perceptions of river users in the wilderness. The results of the survey data may be used in future wilderness and river planning efforts. If you're asked to participate in the survey, the Forest Service hopes you are able to take the time to share your information about your wilderness river experience.

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