Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Summit the Grand Teton Via an eClimb

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to climb and actually stand atop the Grand Teton? Visitors can now experience the Grand's 13,770-foot summit via a web-based interactive program, and make this exhilarating trek without the physical effort, and possible anxieties associated with such a lofty goal. Come take a virtual climb of Grand Teton National Park's most iconic peak and discover the legacy of mountaineering in the Teton Range of northwestern Wyoming.

Grand Teton National Park naturalists invite classroom students, as well as adult visitors from far and wide, to explore the beauty and wonders of the rugged Teton mountains through the convenience of their personal computer and the comfort of a home, office or living room. This virtual mountaineering excursion—or eClimb—provides an introduction to the features, geology, history, and excitement of scaling the granite ledges and spires that form the Grand Teton massif: the highest peak in the Teton Range and second highest mountain in Wyoming. This web-based tour introduces viewers to the various elements (rocky terrain, plants and wildlife) that exist in Grand Teton's forest and alpine communities.

eClimbers can control images and sounds at each stop along their virtual tour, and they can activate videos to explore the human and natural history related to each location along the climbing route. By hovering their mouse over a photograph, hidden images will be revealed through the click of a button. eClimbers can also use videos to imagine scrambling over boulder fields and wedging through rocky alcoves as they experience the thrill of climbing and drama of a mountain rescue in a virtual landscape.

The Grand Teton eClimb is the third in a series of web-based, interactive programs that help orient visitors and educate them about the wonders of Grand Teton National Park. A String Lake eHike and videos of the Moose-Wilson corridor offer two other opportunities for virtual tours of the park as well.

To experience this innovative program, please click here.


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