Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Glacier National Park Conservancy: Trail Keepers Society

I wanted to take a quick minute to let you know about a relatively new program called the Trail Keepers Society that's been launched by the Glacier National Park Conservancy. This organization will be helping to maintain the more than 740 miles of trails that traverse through Glacier National Park. With more and more people "discovering" Glacier in recent years, this new program will be extremely important in helping to maintain the trails in the park. It appears that the Hidden Lake Trail at Logan Pass will be the first project under the new program. Here's more information from the GNPC website:
Wear and tear and the combined contributions of both Mother Nature and Glacier National Park visitors can take a heavy toll on Glacier's trails. If deteriorating trails are not repaired and maintained on a regular basis, habitat damage and safety concerns can require their closure.

Much work needs to be done on an on-going basis to preserve and maintain trails - clearing of heavy brush, repairing broken walkways, rehabilitating eroded and fire-damaged trails and in some cases, rerouting or rebuilding entire segments. The National Park Service devotes significant monetary and human resources to trail maintenance, but it is not enough.

We hope you will agree that annual funding for trails in Glacier National Park offers a unique opportunity for you to show your support. Thank you very much for caring about Glacier National Park, for all, forever.
For more information on the Trail Keepers Society, and to donate, please click here.


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