Wednesday, May 31, 2023

What is “rambling”?

There are many terms that have been used to describe the sport of hiking. Perhaps the first to describe the act of taking a leisurely walk in nature in the English language was “rambling”. The word originally meant to wander, or roam aimlessly, but eventually came to describe hiking. The expression was widely used in England throughout the 19th Century. It was also used in America, though much less frequently. While rambling is still used in the United Kingdom, it’s now looked upon by many as being an old fashion word. Walking, hillwalking, fellwalking and even hiking are more commonly used today. “Ramble On: How Hiking Became One of the Most Popular Outdoor Activities in the World” explains how hiking was able to bloom, and eventually flourish throughout the world.

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Ramble On (2nd edition book on the rich history of hiking)
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Exploring Grand Teton National Park

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