Monday, October 15, 2012

Caution Advised on Forest Service Roads in the North Fork Area

To provide for public safety on the Hay Creek & Cyclone/Moran Creek Roads in the North Fork area of the Flathead National Forest, this public announcement is to serve notice of impending heavy log truck traffic beginning October 15, 2012, until further announced. An additional notice and road closure is planned when winter conditions occur on these roads. Logging trucks are operating on these roads as part of the Hay-Mor Fuels Stewardship project.

The sections of road affected are:

* National Forest System Road (NFSR) #376 (Hay Creek) from the intersection of County Road #486 (North Fork Road) to the intersection of NFSR #1685 (Spruce Creek Road).

* NFSR # 909 (Cyclone/Moran Creek Road) from the intersection of NFSR #376 (Hay Creek) to the intersection of NFSR # 1641 (South Moran Creek).

Caution is advised during use of these roads. The .75 mile section of the Hay Creek Road (#376), from the intersection of County Road #486 (North Fork Road) requires extreme caution as it is narrow, steep & sharply curved. These roads will be signed to alert the public of the log hauling activity & will identify the Citizen Band (CB) channel used by the log truck drivers.

For more information about area road access, contact the Hungry Horse/Glacier View Ranger District at (406) 387-3800.

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