Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hiking in Glacier Launch

Last week we officially launched our brand new trail website: HikinginGlacier.com.

If you haven't been to the site yet, we provide details on more the 60 hikes in Glacier. To find any given hike we use four directories so that you can find trails by area of the park, difficulty, payoff (great views, waterfalls, lakes), as well as an alphabetical listing. Hopefully you'll find this helpful in planning your next visit to Glacier!

After sending out a press release last week, we had several blogs and news sites post our news. I just wanted to thank the National Parks Traveler, KTVQ in Billings, KPAX in Missoula, JAGS Report, Oh, Ranger!, and ABC of Hiking for publishing the news and a link to our website on their site.

Hiking in Glacier.com


  1. So when did you go live? In November? Or back in September? Great little site you have here...reminds me of another blog i have seen somewhere. *wink wink* as I was preparing to go to Glacier last summer I found the web lacking in good in good Glacier info. Glad to see someone has taken on the responsibility. Have you seen my posts from backpacking glacier this summer?

  2. Steven - we went live in mid-November. I thought you went into permanent hibernation from the blogosphere! Yes, I did see your posts - did you see this:



  3. I hadn't seen that...Thanks for the mention. I did go AWOL there for a while...working for a living and things where very busy taking up a lot of my free time too. I missed blogging tremendously. But hopefully I'm back at for a while. I recently posted about Going to the Sun Road. And I have a trip report for a couple of short waterfall hikes in Glacier I hope to post soon. Are you posting about Yellowstone and Tetons here also? I have a few trip reports in those parks I should be getting around to soon. Possibly over the holidays. I'll be sure to plug Huckleberry Hiker on my next Glacier Post. Great site you have here. It feels good to be commenting again.

  4. Totally understand. I would also be very happy if you could link to my HikinginGlacier.com website as well!! :)

    Have no problem giving a mention to your Yell / GTNP postings either. I'll be looking for them.

    Well, welcome back!


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