Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trekking the Wild North

Trekking the Wild North with Andrew Skurka. Some of you may recall that name. Andrew was named an "Adventurer of the Year" by Outside in 2010, the "Adventurer of the Year" by National Geographic Society in 2007, and the "Person of the Year" by Backpacker in 2005. He's best known, perhaps, for his 2010 solo trek around the Alaskan and Yukon bush. His adventure deep into the wild north was roughly 4680 miles in length, including 1315 miles of skiing, 2100 miles of trekking, and 1270 miles of packrafting, and took him 176 days to complete.

Last March Skurka gave a presentation about his trek at the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington D.C. During his discussion he shared photos and video clips from his adventure with the audience. The video below is from that presentation. Although it's fairly long when compared to most online videos, anyone who enjoys the outdoors, or has ever dreamed of doing their own big adventure, will likely enjoy this:

Hiking in

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