Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gunsight Pass Trail is Now Open

Great news, the Gunsight Pass Trail is now completely open! Here's the latest from the Trail Status Update on the park website, dated August 20th:

Trail is free of snow and downed trees except for a 40 foot patch of snow that is easy to cross.

This means hikers can make the epic 18.8-mile trek from Lake McDonald, up to Sperry Chalet, over Gunsight Pass and back down to the trailhead at the Jackson Glacier Overlook.

Hiker may want to note this warning from the latest Sperry Chalet blog posting dated August 8th:

Be prepared for the water crossings as well. There is a knee deep stream crossing at Gunsight Lake that is pretty cold, and there is an ankle deep and slippery waterfall at the head of Lake Ellen Wilson. Be safe out there!

For more information on the hike up to Gunsight Lake, including navigation through a fairly large section of downed trees from a massive avalanche last year, please click here.

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