Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sperry Chalet to begin accepting 2013 reservations on Monday, October 29

Earlier this week the Sperry Chalet announced on their website that they will begin accepting reservations for the 2013 season on Monday, October 29th.

The best ways to make chalet reservations will be through their website, or by telephone at 1-888-345-2649.

From past experience they are expecting hundreds of people trying to contact them on Monday. You should be prepared for busy signals on the phone line, and be patient with any online communication.

Sperry recommends using the online reservation request form. Online requests will wait in queue for them to review, so you can send it in and get on with your day. They handle all requests in the order submitted, and we will E-mail you back as soon as possible. They can also handle online requests more quickly than phoned requests, so they tend to make more reservations online than any other way.

Phoning for a reservation is suggested for people with large or complicated reservations. The phone does have the advantage of a friendly voice and instant feedback on your questions. The disadvantage is that our phone line gets overwhelmed with a large volume of calls. Be prepared for busy signals and to spend some time hitting the re-dial button. The phone will be staffed from 8:00 to 2:00, Monday through Friday. They will not be able to take messages or return your call.

The chalet asks that you don't call the Park Service or other area hotels. There is nothing they can do to help you with chalet reservations.

For more information on the hike up to the Sperry Chalet, please click here.

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