Saturday, December 15, 2012

GNPF Announces Nine Grants for Glacier National Park for 2013

This week the Board of Trustees of the Glacier National Park Fund (GNPF) announced that they have awarded nine year-end grants from unrestricted funds to Glacier National Park for 2013 projects. Unrestricted funds come from the sale of the Montana Glacier National Park specialty license plate, as well as from annual fund donors who have allowed Trustees to allocate funds as needed by the Park.

As National Park budgets continue to be challenging, GNPF wants to provide support to the Park and assist in meeting the needs of the roughly two million visitors to the park each year.

The history of private/public partnerships has a long history in Glacier National Park. “We are fortunate to have so many wonderful donors - locally and across the country - who love Glacier National Park and understand the importance of giving back to ensure that others will be able to enjoy the Park well into the future.” says Jane Ratzlaff, Executive Director of the Fund.

The following nine grants have been awarded for 2013:

• Boardwalk and Trail at the Red Rocks Area
• Research on Harlequin Ducks Along the Upper McDonald Creek
• Going-to-the-Sun Road Podcasts
• Discovery Cabin and the Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Program
• Exhibit to Share the Significance of Lake McDonald to the Kootenai People
• Youth/Adult Citizen Science Stewardship
• Half the Park Happens after Dark – Astronomy Program
• Wireless Water Tank Monitoring System
• Oberlin Bend Overlook Repair

There are many other projects that still need to be funded in 2013. Some of these projects include: replacement of the Grinnell historic wall, building a raised walkway at Josephine Lake, the need for more bear-proof food storage lockers, preserving the genetic legacy of the fisher, research the breeding biology of the Northern Hawk Owl, and many more. If you would like to support any of these projects in Glacier National Park, it's not too late. Visit the website and make a general donation.

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