Saturday, April 13, 2013

Moose battle near Grinnell Glacier

In 2011 Jake Bramante became the first person to hike all the trails in Glacier National Park in one year. To help document this accomplishment, Jake recorded many (if not all) of his hikes on video. One of the last hikes that season was to Grinnell Glacier. The video below contains some awesome footage of the trail, as well as some amazing wildlife shots. What makes this video stand out is the battle he caught between two bull moose (around the 3:30 mark):

For more information on the hike to Grinnell Glacier, please click here.

Hiking in Glacier National Park


  1. Awesome Moose footage! That is a great hike too... reminds me of when I did it several years ago. I paddled my kayak through the first two lakes and then hiked the rest of the way. Glad I saw it while it is still here!

  2. Wow - that must of been a bear hiking your kayak over that hump between Swiftcurrent and Josephine!


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