Friday, August 23, 2013

Gunsight Pass Trail

Planning a visit to the Sperry Chalet via the Gunsight Pass Trail this season? You may want to make note of this recent blog posting on the Sperry Chalet website (from Thursday):
The Gunsight Pass Trail is becoming a popular route this August. Be prepared for thick brush on the east side. The snow fields at the pass are greatly diminished, and much safer. They no longer run off the edge of the cliff, but still watch your step. The really exciting point is the waterfall at the head of Lake Ellen Wilson. It looks like the trail took some damage from rockfall and the waterfall crossing is in poor shape this year. Be sure to bring a way to keep your feet dry. Changing into a pair of sandals or light shoes is a good choice right here. Trekking poles will help. If nothing else, have a change of socks for after your boots fill with water. Don't be unprepared like I was; to keep my boots dry I crossed barefoot. Not very recommended, The footing was so slick and rocky I could barely stand up. I made it across soaked to the waist. Be smarter than me and come prepared for this water crossing.
For detailed trail information on the hike to Gunsight Lake, please click here.

Hiking in Glacier National Park

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  1. it is a little tricky for sure. Last year I had one boot go all the way in and I slipped and got a little wet on my right side too. Glad you got across... a bit scary and cold.


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