Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Floral Park Traverse: Logan Pass to Lake McDonald Lodge

Here's a video that highlights a section of Glacier National Park that most visitors will never see. It highlights two hikers that make the trek from Logan Pass to the Lake McDonald Lodge, while covering some of the most beautiful terrain in Glacier. Here's an excerpt from the video description (from the author, Alex Blondeau):

"The Floral Park and Sperry Glacier basin areas in Glacier National Park are among the most stunning places in North America. Though not free from danger they remain on the life list of many a hiker. This video depicts a successful completion of the Floral Park Traverse. The Floral Park Traverse is a 19 mile route that crosses Glacier's back country between Logan Pass and Lake McDonald Lodge, crossing Sperry Glacier along the way. About 1/3rd of the journey is off trail, crossing fairly treacherous terrain. Two hikers have lost their lives on this route between 2008 and 2012, so please do your research before attempting this route."

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Hiking in Glacier National Park

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