Thursday, July 10, 2014

Public Invited to Brown-Bag Seminar

The Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center at Glacier National Park is hosting a free brown-bag lecture on Monday, July 14 from 12– 1pm at the Community Building in West Glacier. The public is invited to join Bob Chinn, a retired educator, for a multimedia presentation showcasing butterfly and moth species in Glacier National Park.

With over 100 documented species of butterflies and many more species of moths in Glacier National Park, these pollinators play an important role in the park’s ecosystem. Butterflies are considered indicators of biodiversity and have been collected by park naturalists since the 1930s. The pinned specimens are part of the Glacier National Park museum collection.

A retired educator from Illinois, Chinn has been exploring Glacier National Park for many years, capturing photographs of butterflies and moths within the park. Through photographs and video clips, Chinn will lead guests on a virtual tour of the park’s Lepidoptera. Chinn will also share his eBook, “Lepidoptera of Glacier National Park.”

The Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center provides a variety of opportunities to learn about research, history, and resource issues happening within Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park. For more information about the brown-bag presentation, please click here.

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