Saturday, February 7, 2015

Montana State Parks Announces Strategic Plan

Montana State Parks announced earlier this week that the Montana State Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan, Charting a New Tomorrow is now available.

Charting a New Tomorrow is a ground-breaking, business-minded management approach that will maximize the Division’s available resources, develop partnerships and build public engagement to create a bright future for outdoor recreation across Montana.

“This plan will strengthen the state’s park system and recreation programs,” said Chas Van Genderen, Montana State Parks Administrator. “Montana State Parks will lead the way for parks and recreation throughout the state.”

The Montana State Parks & Recreation Board tasked the Division with creating the strategic plan to serve as a guiding framework for management of the park system and state-wide recreation programs through 2020. The plan addresses budgetary and staffing shortfalls which have historically challenged the park system while focusing on strategic partnerships and engaged constituents.

“We want to provide residents and their guests with the best experience possible.” said Van Genderen.

Implementation of the strategic plan is underway and will continue to be Montana State Park’s focus for the next few months. The first stage involves conducting a facility condition assessment and establishing operational and staffing standards based on peer analysis with surrounding state park systems. Once the analysis is complete, the Division will begin the process of reallocating resources to the most significant sites in order to meet standards and improve visitor experiences at those parks.

Charting a New Tomorrow is the result of a year long process that included contributions from the Parks Division, legislative members, agency partners, user groups and other stakeholders through surveys, community listening sessions, and public review. The plan was approved by the Parks Board at their December 17, 2014 meeting.

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