Thursday, May 3, 2018

Much of Waterton Lakes National Park Will Be Closed in 2018

Due to last year's wildfire, much of Waterton Lakes National Park will be closed for the 2018 season.

As a result, many areas affected by the Kenow Wildfire in September 2017 will remain closed due to hazards such as dangerous trees, slope instability and destroyed or damaged infrastructure. The entire Akamina Parkway and the Red Rock Parkway from Bellevue Trail to Red Rock Canyon - along with associated recreation opportunities in these areas - will remain closed in 2018. It is too early to provide a timeline when these areas will re-open.

Several trails will also be closed. Please click here for the entire list.

The townsite, facilities along the Entrance Road, activities on Upper, Middle and Lower Waterton lakes and Chief Mountain Highway are available this year. The Red Rock Parkway is available for non-motorized use (hiking and biking) from the Entrance Road to the Bellevue Trail.

You can find much more information about all the closures here.


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