Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Help Wanted: Protection Ranger in Glacier National Park

For those interested, this was posted on NPS Digest this morning:

Glacier National Park is seeking candidates for a lateral reassignment to fill the St. Mary Area Ranger position. This position is permanent, subject to furlough. The furlough period is not expected to exceed 12 weeks.

Occupancy is required. Travel, transportation, and relocation expenses are authorized, but the government will not provide the services of a third party contractor for the guaranteed home sale program.

The ranger selected will oversee a full range of law enforcement and emergency services operations in the St. Mary area. The position is covered by 6(c) retirement and is classified as primary law enforcement with responsibilities for emergency medical services, search and rescue, backcountry management, wildland fire, structural fire, wildlife management, and resource management and protection.

Glacier has a high volume of grizzly bear activity. Trails are posted and closed on almost a daily basis in July and August. There is a fair amount of interactions with outside agencies. The area ranger is responsible for overseeing daily patrol activities as well as providing leadership for the seasonal ranger staff.

The candidate must possess an NPS Level I commission and National Registry EMT basic certification. Winter patrol skills are desirable.

Glacier National Park is located in the northern Rocky Mountains and offers excellent outdoor recreational opportunities. From May through October, St. Mary in Montana and Waterton, Cardston, and Lethbridge Alberta in Canada offer nearby shopping and services. During the winter, Browning and Cutbank offer limited shopping and services. Great Falls and Kalispell offer a greater variety of shopping and services.

Summer temperatures are moderate with highs near 80 and lows in the 40s. Winter temperatures vary from 50 below to 40 above zero. Wind and snow are common. Snow depths range from bare ground to drifts several feet high. Winter road conditions are periodically severe, and may occasionally limit access. Due to the isolated living conditions we strongly encourage interested applicants to research the area. Information on Glacier National Park is available at www.nps.gov/glac .

If you are interested in the St. Mary position, please contact Dona Rutherford, St. Mary District Ranger, at 406-732-7730 or dona_rutherford@nps.gov.

Applicants should submit the following:

* An OF 612, Optional Application for Federal Employment or resume/ application
* A current SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action
* A copy of your current or latest performance appraisal

Email documents to mary_lou_fitzpatrick@nps.gov or mail to: Human Resources Office,
Glacier National Park, Attn: Mary Lou Fitzpatrick, P.O. Box 128, West Glacier, MT 59936.

Applications/resumes must be received by January 6th.

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