Friday, December 2, 2011

Missing the Hucks?

One of the great things about hiking in Glacier, versus most other parks, is the abundance of huckleberries and the ability to pick a handful or two while out hiking. Maybe, after a long day on trail, you made a stop at the store for some huckleberry icecream or a huckleberry shake. Or perhaps you waited until after dinner for a yummy slice of huckleberry pie.

Unfortunately, for those that don't live in Montana, many won't have a chance to experience the delightful taste of huckleberries for a very long time....that is until now.

For those travelers missing huckleberries, or simply have a year-round craving for the small, but delicious purple fruit, you now have the option of purchasing a variety of Montana huckleberry products from our online store. Whether its chocolate covered huckleberries, huckleberry jam, pie filling, or even BBQ sauce, "huck" lovers will find a wide variety of products to satisfy that craving - that is until the next time you can pick a handful yourself.

To see our entire selection of huckleberry products, click onto our Amazon affiliate store, and then look for the "Huckleberry Products" tab.

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