Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fire Danger Remains High on the Flathead

As you enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer season on the Flathead National Forest (FNF), please keep in mind that fire danger remains “high.” While there is no fire restriction on the FNF everyone is asked to be diligent with campfires and ensure they are dead-out before leaving them.

Flathead National Forest Supervisor Chip Weber says “Fire-fighting resources are very tight right now because of all of the fires burning around the region. After a week of warm dry weather we all need to be extremely careful with all ignition sources.” This includes, but is not limited to, carefully monitoring any cooking activities, not tossing cigarettes on the ground and making sure vehicles and trailers are not dragging anything that could create sparks.

All campgrounds and developed recreation areas are open this weekend except for the Murray Bay Campground & Riverside Boat Launch on the Hungry Horse Reservoir, which are closed for renovations. There are several concession-operated campgrounds in which reservations are required for some sites, and other sites are first-come first-serve. Campers are reminded that at a fee campsite the site must be occupied on a daily basis. Saving campsites is not permitted at a fee campground. Campground information, including a list of developed campgrounds on the Flathead National Forest, is available here.

To minimize human-grizzly bear encounters, forest users are reminded to store all food and beverages so they are unavailable to bears. It’s the law. Food and beverages must be stored in a bear resistant container, or a hard-sided camper, vehicle trunk or cab, or hung at least 10 feet off the ground and 4 feet away from any vertical support, like a tree. Campers may comply with this by storing coolers and other food and drink in a vehicle when the ampsite is unoccupied. The food storage order across the entire Flathead NF is intended for visitor safety, and safety and recovery of the grizzly bear.

There are a number of seasonal road closures effective September 1, 2012. For details on road closures please contact the appropriate ranger district.

Please visit or contact a local Flathead National Forest Office for updated information:

Hungry Horse Ranger District 387-3800
Swan Lake Ranger District 837-7500
Tally Lake Ranger District 758-5204
Spotted Bear Ranger District 758-5376

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