Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saving Glacier's Iconic Red Buses

A new concessions contract calls for replacing more than half of the iconic red tour buses in Glacier National Park with alternative fuel vehicles by 2029. The proposal has many fans of the "jammers" concerned and upset, including the Glacier Park Foundation, a non-profit organization comprised of former and current Glacier Park employees and visitors.

The new concession contract calls for the complete rehabilitation of at least 15 buses, and the replacement of the remaining 18 buses with alternative fuel vehicles by 2029.

As a result, the Glacier Park Foundation has posted this plea for help on their Facebook page:
The National Park Service is seeking tenders for a concessioner to operate its facilities in Glacier National Park. The proposed concession contract would see 18 of the 33 Red buses decommissioned and replaced with new vehicles. This decision was made without any consultation with the public.

The Glacier Park Foundation wants to see the Red bus fleet remain intact. Bidding for the concession closes March 14. The foundation urges all its members and fans of Glacier to raise their voices in any manner they can, including contacting the National Park Service, and Montana state and federal officials. Let them know you oppose any breakup of the Red bus fleet and are requesting a delay in the concession contract process until the matter has been aired in public.

NPS proposal:

Montana officials:
Sen. Tester:
Congressman Daines:
Gov. Bullock:
Sen. Baucus: |

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