Friday, February 1, 2013

New Hyper-Accurate, Hyper-Local Weather App

Over the last several years technology has been creeping into wilderness at an ever increasing pace. The latest technological innovation actually seems to be a really good idea.

A company by the name of Nooly announced on Monday that they have released the world’s most localized and reliable weather app for iPhones and Androids. They claim the app is capable of predicting the exact minute it will rain or snow and can do so effectively, wherever you are, for every 0.4 square miles (1 square kilometer).

Nooly brought in two of the world’s top scientists in cloud physics and short-range weather prediction, Professor Daniel Rosenfeld of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Professor John R. Mecikalski of the University of Alabama-Huntsville. Professors Rosenfeld and Mecikalski are widely recognized for their development in understanding and prediction of the evolution of clouds and storms, including hurricane and tornado formation. They have worked with a number of federal agencies, including NASA, NOAA, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and the European Organization for Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites.

Using their deep background and expertise, the Nooly scientific team has built a series of meteorological and physical algorithms that track and process, in real-time, data from two NASA / NOAA satellites, over 260 NOAA radars, and other meteorological sources. The result is Nooly, an impressive weather application that predicts, in 5 minutes interval, when rain or snow will start, get worse, and end. Nooly processes information for over 30 million locations throughout the United States and southern Canada, resulting in hyperlocal weather conditions for every road, park and point of interest. For the past year a live beta version of Nooly has been available for download in the US, achieving over 50,000 users, who have helped Nooly test and refine its hyperlocal predictions.

The Nooly app is now available on iPhone® and Android™ for free. For more information, please visit

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